Welcome to Faremax Trading Co.

Today’s plastic is an amazing substance. Not only is it durable, lightweight, hygienic, and recyclable, but it is also impervious to moisture, clean, pliable, and adaptable. It can actually be turned into energy resources. Its shapes and purposes span many industries as well as household application. Plastic packaging and bags provide two distinct uses—to carry products and to store them, making them both convenient and efficient.

Faremax Trading Co. was created to supply what our customers needed with plastic packaging, plastic tubing products, Mylar bags for food and beverage storage, and poly mailer bags for shipping. Our products are made to maintain excellent performance while still remaining affordable and of bottom-line value to our clients. Protecting their products during shipping, processing, and storage was our main goal and is what sets us apart from others in our industry.

Our product along with our commitment to integrity and pride in service have gained us respect worldwide. We invite you to explore our website. Discover our trustworthy and cost effective plastic products. We are dedicated to saving you time in your ordering process and making your experience convenient. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have and show you that you are our priority.