About Us

You take pride in offering your products to your clients, and they can immediately see that you have taken the time to provide convenience and competent service along with affordability to their customers. At Faremax Trading we feel the same way. Our products stand apart from the others in the industry, and our service delivers our products with that same performance of excellence.

When you join our community by investing in our products, we know that you appreciate a good value in the way our plastic products will not only accomplish your end goals but also the fact that they are durable, lightweight, hygienic, and made from recycled materials. Our goal in supplying you with these products--plastic packaging, plastic piping products, plastic Mylar bags, and poly packaging materials is that we are also contributing to making the world a better place in which to live. By our recycling efforts, we are helping to ensure the world’s future by keeping the environment safe for everyone.

Our products each deliver practical convenience and are cost efficient. The specially sealed containers for liquid beverages each have a spout for easy pouring that do not drip. The plastic mailers are lightweight for shipping, easy to write on or attach a mailing label, and have a self-adhesive strip that keeps contents safe and delivered as expected. We want you to be happy with our products, and we make every attempt to deliver what we promise.
At Faremax Trading we also simplify the ordering process by giving you online access to your personal user account where you can view your order history and re-order at the click of a button. Who wants to take the time to look up past invoices, inventory, et cetera, when our technology can save you that time? We look out for our clients and want them to feel that we have given them every convenience available. We know how valuable your time is.

And most importantly your relationship with Faremax Trading does not end when you hit the purchase button. You will receive superior Customer Care before, during, and after your purchase. When you are a part of our community you will be given expert advice and care. If you have a question about a product, a problem with an order, or simply want to give us some feedback, your question will be addressed immediately by one of our trained professionals.

When you do business with Faremax Trading you get more than a product — you get our guarantee.